Your latest hunting story........Please


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
I've been too busy to even look at this computer for months now, it hasn't worked because of my lousy phone line half the time either (got a new one).

I took two weeks off and went moose hunting, saw a large wolf walk 40' behind my tent on the hill in broad daylight, just checkin me out. I handed my brother his .480 Ruger that was laying on a chair and sayed, "a wolf." He said "a bull? Where?" I replied, "no A WOLF." He looked down to see the big male walked behind a bush and seemingly vannish.

One bull was ranged at 1012yds but I couldn't take the shot because my scope adjustments were only accurate to 700yds. At 800 I am at 31moa (34.5 max) and groups impacted the same spot as 29.5moa (12" low)? anyway I didn't have enough land left to stand on while sighting in, my shooting range floods after the 700yd mark on the river bed in the summer.

Hold over was out of the question for me when I looked at the additional 200+" of drop between 800 and 1000yds, another moose lost to not enough preparation, equipment (tapered bases), etc.

All the moose I saw this season were 700+ yds away. I was very dissapointed to say the least.

All the other bulls I saw were 2000-3000yds away, exept one, which I shot behind the ear at 50 feet with a 400gn XLC out of the 416wby at 2550fps with one day left in the season while weekend hunting on Friday creek river bar. Not a lb. of wasted meat. Happy in the end I was.

1500yds will be my goal next year with a 350gn BarnesX.

One more note, my Bushnell YP1000 ranged anywere to 1423yds at dawn and dusk consistantly as it does at 700-800 in the midday sun. That Russian laser is going to be a necessity shortly though.


Okay so after a day of searching for a Big Bull ( Elk ) the hunter and I put to bed what I think is a 350 class bull. He was still really hot to trot and we exchanged bugles until night fall. So save the approx. location on the GPS and back to the lodge for supper and quick to bed.
Up at 2:30 am. chug down some REALLY hot coffee aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.. if that doesn't wake you ..not sure what would. So off to the trailhead.. saddle up and yee haw.. 8.5 miles to find this huge herd bull. Usually there is some sleep on and off on the way in but not today as we chit chat back and forth about where I think he went and where to hold if he's out past 400 yards. My hunter is an ex marine and he's 30 years old and in great shape so he tells me he'll go where ever it takes to kill this bull.
We pass the 8 mile mark and I say "ok lets tie off and head straight up to the timber line" off we go we have about 2.5 hours until daylight plenty of time. After burning lungs, the idea that 4 doughnuts and 2 cups of coffee is not the breakfast of champions and puking chocolate doughnuts on you boots may get you toes eaten by ole griz, mke it to about 2ooyards from where we last heard the bull and we have 20 mins to first light..
We catch our breath as I see the first hint of light in the east... I hear some movement off in the distance about 300 yards below.... then I hear a cow call.... never mind the 30 degrees, light jacket and she shivers.. the entire would rest upon the next 30 mins and what we do.

Off in the distance I hear a bugle.. but not quite realistic enough... hmm maybe someone else knows this herd bull is here too....

Out of knowhere this earthshattering, hair on my neck stand straight up BUGLE.. musta lasted 3 min. OH MY GOD he's below us about 150 yards.. DON"T FREAKIN' move is whisper.

common light 5 more min. and he's ours.... wait he's moving towards the other hunters and he's moving fast... ok... a few cow chirps... .. no sounds.. ok I stopped him...

hmm.. Jimmy you ready.. I whisper.... it's now or never.... ok Ric show me where he is.. I don't know Jimmy below us about 300 -350.... Hell Ric I can't see 50 feet.... Jimmy,no problem just get ready....

I let out a bugle like I own the mountain... and I just took your cows big boy.....

holy **** here comes the bull dozer and he's not happy.... I can hear the snorting and heavy breathing... Jimmy here he comes....

I see him I see him..... wait for the opening....

B O O M ......... I got him Ric I got him....

all I could do was hang my head... How was I gonna tell him.... look Jimmy, that tree 8 yards .. 1 yard in front of where the bull was... last tree on the timber line... 6" dia. splinters everywhere... no blood.. no hair.....
Jimmy you ok.... no I puked on my boots again. That was one of the biggest I have ever seen Ric .. I know man I know..

BOOM BOOM BOOM...... Right below us near the saddle.....

off we go..... 20 min later.. there he is .. there's a guide and a hunter too....

HOLY ****.. that bull is huge....

Did you guys shoot 30 min ago.. yup... up there yup... that where he cam from.. yup we know.

we'll help ya....... thanks.. hey let's rough score him.. ok Jimmy....

I get about 347... ****...

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