Your Latest Hunt Thread


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Feb 19, 2009
thought l would open a Thread so everyone can share there latest hunt PİCs. and try and keep the tread alive at the top of the forum as its not sticky :)
its allways nice to see each others latests hunts. lets make it ok to share the hunt location views not just the animals as usualy we come back empty handed :)
shot at some wild boar on a driven hunt but missed today. not much to see here but wanted to just start it off


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My last hunt of the season was over bear hounds. Hounds and all the houndsmen done an excellent job this past December. Some very excited kids killed their first bears . Helped drop our bear population numbers a little bit which is what the state is pushing for. The ol Tacoma survived another bear season here in the mountains of West Virginia. I promise the roads and paths we beat our trucks on is insane during bear season.

The bear in the pics weighed 120 dressed. Ended up being the last one that we shot out. Thee young man that shot it was super excited it was his first time going with us.

Treed a few others but didn’t have shooters and they were smaller bears but still would have been legal kills.

I did not post a pic of the young man with his bear due to I never asked his dad but this was taken right before the shot
Not mine but kinda, tool my godson out hoping to get him his first deer, two seasons ago was his first time out for deer but did not find him a shooter and he didn't want to settle on a small one.

This season on opening morning before sunrise found 3 bucks and some does, a fork, a 6 point and an 8 point but could not see them clearly as they were moving behind brush and oak trees and on the shady side of the hill. Waited about 30 minutes as they feed and finally the sun gave enough light for my nephew to see the 8 point buck clearly. He took the shot with one of my 7mm-08's if I remember correctly at around 250 yds with factory ammo with the 139gr Interlock, took two steps and collapsed.

He sure was happy.

My favorite hunting picture of 2020. My dad, brother and I hiked in roughly 2 miles and climbed this butte. Absolutely beautiful view, seen some nice deer but no shooters in this location. Shot my biggest mule deer to date two days later in different spot. But will never forget that morning hunt.
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