Counter Sniper scopes

Friends don't let friends use Counter Sniper Scopes.

They're junk.

A guy on Sniper's Hide did a very thorough review of one of their scopes, and it read like a comedy of errors. Go to Sniper's Hide and do a search on Counter Sniper. You'll get several hits, but it won't take you long to find the review.

Their business phone is a cell phone.

Their mailing address is a PO Box.

The physical location they gave shows an empty lot on Google Earth.

When you start asking one of them anything that's not on their little Starwars advertisement, they hang up.

They're selling cheap chinese junk. They'll replace your scope for free rather than repair it; they still come out ahead.

Cheap ****.
They are not as bad as claimed on snipers hide, but then again my life is never dependant on my scope working. I cannot/wouldnot defend their sales practices, but they are not total junk. I still have one of those things laying around somewhere 4x14. It still works perfectly and the glass is still just as bad as when I bought it. Would I buy another? Probably but only under this very specific circumstance. If I need a FFP 30MM tubed low powered scope with turrents and mil dots. It is very hard to find something in the 1-5 X magnification range with those features without paying a hefty price, CSC is about the only cheap alternative out there. Howeverif you wanting something in a more normal power range there are better alternatives.
Three total, two were the low powered models. I put them on .300 whispers and use EGW extended bases and they work great with my nightvision that mounts in front of the scope. Those two ended up leaving me when the guns left. I have a 4x14 that I bought probably a couple years back for a budget 308 savage. It worked okay, at least as good as the super snipers that some people like. It is sitting on a shelf in my reloding room. I devoloped a taste for better glass, I guess. After I traded off my second whisper and built my current whisper I found another el cheapo scope with similar features. I think it is a sitemark orsomething like that. It is holding up okay and the glass is proabably a little better but the clicks are even mushier than the counter snipers. Now do not get me wrong I am not saying they are good scopes. I am only saying they are not as bad as most peole seem to think. They are pretty cheesy but functional. I would never buy another of the 4x14s but I kinda like the 1x4 powered (or whatever they are) scopes.
My favorite scope I own is a zeiss victory 6x24. I think the glass beats all my nightforce glass hands down. I do not know a darn thing about glass but I have looked through a bunch of high end glass, and know what I like. I think my next scope will either be a March or Premier. I have played with the premier a little and have looked through several of the march benchrest scopes. I have also shot ifles wearing USOs S&Bs and Swaros. CSC glass in no way compares to any of them.
Man I am not saying these things are good scopes. I am saying I would buy one of their low powered scopes for a very specific purpose. I am saying I was not disguted with the higher power scope I bought, but would not purchase another of those.

There are guns that for whatever reason I do not want to drop 1500 2000 for a scope. I would not suggest that anyone purchase one of these scopes for those guns as there are better alternatives out there for not much more. But if you have already been suckered into buying one of these things don't round file it, they function okay for what they are. Way better than one of those Osprey optics scopes. They are probably as fuctional as the old super sniper fixedpower scopes I have tried, but I would not buy another one of those either.

What's the best scope you've looked through?
I bought the Premier 5-25. It has a better image, to my eyes, than my S&B 5-25. March doesn't really have a tactical scope. I'd like to see one to look through the glass.
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