Contender chambering.


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Apr 5, 2015
I’ve got an extra contender frame looking to purchase another barrel.
Already have.
7-30 waters
357 max
Had a 30 herrett wasn’t to exciting for me.
Think maybe 204 ruger,223,maybe 6.5tcu 6tcu. Looking for some opinions. Could be pistol or rifle form.
Geesh… can’t make a bad choice there.

What are you going to use it for?

I love the small 6mm barrels. I have 2 6tcu, a 6/.223, and a 6x47. They can serve many purposes from targets to varmint/predators. You can even take deer with one if you take everything into account.
The 223 is a great barrel also. My factory 14” barrel has 1:12” twist and shoots great with a 40gr bullet. But if you have a fast twist barrel made, you could shoot the heavier bullets and become even more versatile and add more uses.

Something based on the 223 case is a bonus choice for brass availability etc. whether its the 223 itself, or one of the small 6mm and tcu etc.
its all good. You cant lose.
Ernie i made my 6x47 cases from 204, but it pushes the shoulder back a bit. A direct neck up from 204 to 6mm would have a little more capacity.
Reeders 240 raptor necks up the 204 to 6mm, and then im thinkin( by memory) fireforms to improved shape like a tcu.
The JOY of Contenders LOL We love to help all our friends spend their Money
You can't go wrong with any of them
Safe shooting
some 6.5 choices

Some more choices

20 TAC & 20 VarTarg

219 Zipper & 219 Wasp
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