Church Steel Shoot (200 yards-1125 yards)

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    Jun 18, 2007
    We had 18 Shooter's participate today: 3 teenagers, one of which was a girl. We also had two ladies shooting.

    This is the second "Church Steel Shoot" I have put on.
    The first one was this past spring with 11 shooters.
    Five of us were shooting specialty handguns:D
    We started off at 325 yards after, seeing who could hit penny sized dots at 200 yards. Our longest shot of the day for the fun shoot was 790 yards.
    We had two landings. Repainted the targets after the first round then moved back to the 2nd landing.
    Some of the young adults and teens went doggin, after the first landing, but two of the boys stayed.
    After we finished the 2nd landing, we went to the third landing to shoot at 1125 yards just for fun.
    First I shot my AR-15 handgun. Hit steel several times with it-Boy was I happy!
    In the future I will go to the 75 grain A-Max for my 1K+ pd goal with the AR-15 handgun.
    Then I shot my 7mm SAUM XP, which my son had been shooting. Smacked steel with it several times, as I had a drop chart with me out to 1200 yards.
    Last I grabbed the Pink Panther (6.5 Leopard/WSM).
    Only had drops to 1K, so did some guesstimating, then got my drop settled at 27.25 MOA and starting smacking the center of the target. Took a break, then came, and decided to film a little bit
    To get Exbal to equal my drops my MV is 3050 and the 130 Berger has a .575 BC.
    We had switching winds in the afternoon from the 2nd and third landing. Like a dope, I didn't check conditions, and shot my old dope.
    You will see the miss just off left the side. My spotter was not using a spotting scope with a MIL or MOA reticle so he didn't give me enough correction, but that is hard to do if you are not accustomed to it.
    We got everyone one steel at 1125 with the exception of one guy.
    I got his rifle on steel, but by that time he was ready to call it a day.
    For several in our group this was their first time with these kind of distances.
    I spent right at 8 hours behind the spotting scope today and no eye strain whatsoever-Love that Vortex Razor HD!!!
    [ame=]1125 yards 6.5 Leopard Center-Grip XP-100 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Apr 5, 2008
    Great idea Ernie!!