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  • Tall,

    I was on the "shooting elk to 700 yards with a 7mm" thread and say your comments about why you bought your rifle and what you use and what not. I am in a similar boat that you were in. I just recently bought a 7mm rem mag. I had talked to many older people and seen that they were using the 338 win mag but I did not want a 338 and wanted something else. I was told to look at the 7mm and here i am. Based on your experiences it seems like with shooting up close in the pines and your equiptment I was wondering what you were shooting exactly?

    Im not new to hunting or to shooting but I am new to the 7mm mag. Ive been shooting a .308 out to 450 yards and had no problem. Just wanted something a little flatter and faster plus I like the idea of a 7mm over the .30's.

    Thanks I look forward to hearing about your experiences with the 7mm from someone that has knowledge in a similar sircumstance as I.

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