Carbon six

Hunt West

Apr 3, 2016
Has anyone gave the carbon six barrels a run yet? I’m looking at a rebarrel in a 30 cal (haven’t decided cartridge yet) and considering these.
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Shane Lindsey

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Jul 13, 2010
I have one they chambered for me in 308 win. I don't know about their blanks. I ordered a 1-10 and when I punch the tight patch it seems more like 1-10.25 or so. So if you are looking to load heavy or long monos, something to think about. Load development took longer than most rifles.

As it is carbon, I can only get about three shots before it starts to walk. Let it cool and it settles down.

Have a Proof getting spun up now so then will have a Christensen, Carbon Six and Proof. The Christensen will put the cold bore and the follow up shot within the group. After about three shots it opens up a bit too, until it cools.
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