Carbon fiber prefit barrel

Very old thread. I've had 4 barrels from them that shoot great but I see their CF prefits have a 1 MOA guarantee.... I can almost always squeeze that from a factory barrel so I would expect better from a custom. I will wait and see before I try the CF Xcaliber.
3 years is "very old"?
Has the company been bought out and rebuit since 2017?
Just because a bullet punches round holes in paper does not mean it has enough stability to penetrate and expand in a straight line. When the 195 first came out it said a 9 twist was sufficient and there were a lot of reports of poor performance. I saw several that did not open up and bent like a banana. I suspect they did not have enough spin to keep going straight once they impacted. Think of a top spinning on a table, as it slows down it starts to wobble and becomes unstable.
I don’t think any bullet stays stable when encountering hair,hide,bone and fluid mass. Yea some do not for the most part they do weird stuff. I’ve seen .284 Berger’s roll up in a ball on elk shoulders then some disintegrate just inside the ribs like they’re supposed to. I shot a bull in the front shoulder almost broadside with a 250 grain Sierra match king it came out his right rump next to his tail. Good luck telling a bullet what to do after it impacts.
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