Preferred Barrel Carbon Fiber


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Nov 30, 2016
Reilly Springs, TX
I am looking at building my first rifle using a Kelby Atlas Tactical L/A for a 6.5 PRC build, looking at the Preferred Barrel Pre-Fit Carbon Fiber and wanted to know if anyone has used there Carbon Fiber barrel? If so, what did you think about them, is it accurate, any issues with getting them to shoot? If I don't decide to use the Carbon Fiber, I was looking at there Taperless barrel in the same cartridge, any experience with it as well would be greatly appreciated.
Also Tagging. I was thinking hard on going with one of their taperless barrels at one point, but I like my single point cut barrels. Still would like to know what people get with these.
I have two tikka prefits from them in 25cal. Standard stainless in the sporter contours. Good customer service, they answer the phone, etc.

25 creed barrel shoots well, 5 shot 1/2-3/4 MOA. I am satisfied.

25-284 barrel I had some initial issues with very low velocity..they inspected and everything was within tolerances. Took the time to trouble shoot other potential reasons/reloading issues etc. They sent it back and I put some more rounds down range…craziest thing it ended up speeding up like 300fps. Now it hammers very accurate barrel and top velocity. No idea what could cause a massive speed up like that.

I will continue to use them for my prefits.
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