Fluted Carbon Fiber Barrel

Last weekend ladder tested first with 10 rounds using 185 Classics I had left in a box.
Just trying to get a few rounds down barrel and see where powder looked promising. Used H4350 thinking short barrel stay on faster side of powder choices.
Today Got some 180 Berger Elite Hunters so ran another ladder and threw in a few extras of the middle charge weight just to check zero foul barrel etc.
Once finished with ladder at 334 yards then dialed to steel at 654 Yards... yea our targets are just random distances. Not one berm has a normal 100 yard increment.:confused:
Threw the last 3 rounds into a pretty decent group.


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Loaded up some of the new Federal Edge TLR bullets and boy did they shoot well. Decisions decisions...... 180 Berger Or TLR. Probably load enough to hunt with this Fall of each and see which makes me smile.
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