Fluted Carbon Fiber Barrel


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May 7, 2011
I picked up my Horizon Firearms 300 WSM yesterday.
It’s a switch barrel and I wanted a shorter barrel for an elk hunt this Fall.
Hope to get rounds down it tomorrow.
Which CF bbl is that? I think the HCAs can be machined. Never seen one fluted though. That’s awesome.
This barrel is a larger diameter barrel than my 6.5 PRC Proof CF so I doubt it’s weaker overall.

Examine the photograph carefully and you'll see that the CF wrap is very thin when compared to the CF applied to a Proof barrel. It apparently is more for the effect than lightening the barrel significantly.
You sure it isn’t painted? I have no clue?

Maybe not painted but dipped possibly. I can't get enough resolution from the existing photograph to be certain although there appears to be more thickness to the 'CF' than a few thousandths from film dipping. Who knows?:rolleyes:;)
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