Caliber for new rifle build- 7mmRSAUM?


Nov 17, 2012

Im a new member, but have been reading this forum for some time. Lots of great advice, but cannot find any info specific to my concern with a new rifle build, and caliber selection.

Im looking into a 7mmRSAUM, for a long range hunting/long range tac competition rifle that I could also shoot in F-Class. I know that it will be a compromise rifle, and far from a true open class F-Class rifle.

So...question is, with a 26" barrel, will I get the velocity needed to make the 7mmRSAUM worth while, or is there a better caliber for that velocity range/barrel length?

Id like to shoot BVLD 180's, build on a mag action to load them long, and it will be a repeater action. Will run it compensated for all but F-Class, and take it off and put a thread adapter on.

Barrel life is a concern, but not a deal breaker, Im assuming that whatever Im shooting will be hot, and hell on barrels anyway. Im trying to get a moderate recoiling rifle, with magnumish performance, so Im not interested in 300 Win Mags etc (I have one now).

Really looking forward to any advice you all have, thanks!
I've been shooting the 7 SAUM for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I have a 28" barrel, and using H4831sc I'm sending the 180 gr Berger Hybrid right at 3045 fps with amazing accuracy. My action is a Surgeon 591 (short action) and will be made into a repeater after the new year. When the time comes for a new barrel, I plan on staying with the 7 SAUM and adding a suppressor intead of the break. I am changing out the Manners T2 stock for a carbon stock from Alpine Gun Works that should be here tomorrow. The next up grade is a Vortex Razor scope. Otherwise I'm very very happy with the build.

Thanks for the response, sounds very promising. I wanted to stay above 2900fps, and that sounds do-able with the 26" barrel. I agree with the suppressor, as I have used them extinsively before in the past, it is a great option. Im looking at the manners folder stocks myself, but am concerned about the weight.

Is the surgeon SA receiver long enough to mag feed the 7mm RSAUM if you load them long, like with the 180's? I have heard conflicting info, and that is primarily the reason I was looking at long actions....I'd like to stick to a short action if its still possible to mag feed them and run them long.

Im not sure how the rules on this forum go, so I'll tread lightly with "promoting" a company, but the folks at Vortex optics (whom I have no affiliation with) are great Americans. They donated about 4000 dollars worth of optics to my sniper section prior to a deployment to Afghanistan, that came in handy on many occassions.
I think the 7WSM and SAUM are great cartridges. Just beware of brass availability. The SAUMs, though great concepts, did not take off in sales.

If you find brass, either by Norma, RP, Nosler, or whomever, buy a LOT of it.

I prefer the grand 'ol 7mag myself. Used by snipers for years.

****, Im happy to see such quick feedback and great advice, its much appreciated. Ive considered necking down .300 SAUM Nosler brass, but heard that Remington stuff is good also if you sort and turn necks, which I would be more willing to do then necking down brass. Guess it just depends on what I can find to begin with.

The load data supplied is a great place to start, and I appreciate it. I also liked the melonite "coating" article, since Im trying like hell to get the max velocity from a 26" pipe.

I see all of you guys are running the SA's, can you load 180's long and still mag seat them? Is that the reason for the Berger hybrids, or are you just a fan of the round? I guess the way I look at it right now, I'll put up with the extra 3/4" or so on action length to have more options in the future, in load length, and rechambering if necessary.

That said, Im open to any info any disadvantages to the long actions. Im basing some of my decision on prior experiences with the M24 system, and its "upgradability" to .300 WinMag. Ive always heard the rumors of action rigidity compromised with LA's and repeaters, but I call BS, and if there is minimal accuracy loss, I think its a worthwhile trade on both issues...again, Im always learning, so feel free to fill me in.

7Mag...can't argue with results, it's also a great round, but always heard that it has more felt recoil, if all other things are equal (bullet weight, velocity etc). Im trying to get that performance with minimal recoil, to avoid recoil tolerance issues while training. And isn't 7mmMag belted?

Thanks guys, loads of great info here, excited to have finally got on this forum!
I'm not very recoil sensitive so I'm lucky I guess. Yes the 7mag is belted. I don't care. I am shooting itty bitty groups with both of mine.
If you are building an F class rifle, why wouldn't you want to run a longer barrel and make it fairly heavy? You won't have to lug it that far plus the felt recoil will be less and you won't have to load so heavily.

As far as actions go, it can't hurt to build off of a long action. It would give you more options if you change in the future.
Id like to dabble in F class, but I want the rifle to be able to run long range tactical matches with, and not to heavy to be prohibitive for hunting, although I know it will be a heavy hunting rifle. I know that its a compromise rifle expecting it to perform so many tasks, but I certainly cant build 3 rifles for each task, at least not now. As far as recoil tolerance, I've spent lots of time shooting .300 win mags, and recoil tolerance isnt really any issue for me either, but I can definetly shoot enough to make it one. Belted magnums are rumored to be less accurate due to headspacing being set off the belt, which Im not certain I really beleive looking at the 300WM.

Im sure your 7mmMag shoots well, Im just looking for something different. Im not sure 7SAUM is the answer, thats why Im looking for input, but I would like to avoid the recoil of traditional mags unless its necessary to get the performance Im looking for.

Thanks for all the advice guys, reloading this round looks to be more complicated than I first envisioned, but it may be good for my reloading experience anyway.
Have you taken a look at the 284 win? You can neck up Lapua 6.5x284 brass, it is an inheritantly accurate cartridge, there is a lot of info on it and a lot of people who shoot it on forum. Good Luck!
I feel that the 7mm SAUM is the best designed 7mm to date (though the .284 WIN gives it a heck of a run for it money). I would go for a shorter barrel, somewhere around 24" finished. The 7 SAUM is an extremly efficient chambering and will still give you over 3000 fps with a 180 with the 24" barrel.

You mention tactical matches. I have never shot one, but I would imagine that wieght and length would be pretty big factor. You talk of going with a suppressor, so think about another "X" amount of barrel for that. Not to mention a stiffer barrel.

If you choot an unbraked 300 win now, the 7 SAUM will be a ***** cat.

When I cook my .280 it will be a 7 SAUM. Might even just build one, cuz I cant wait!!
I will throw in the new gunwerks 7lrm cartrige. Brass is $1.25 a piece and looks as good as lapua. You can run a long action with a magnum action and ai mags. Here is mine so i would suggest the same, a3 stock instead of the gamescout and a 27" instead of the 26"". 2012-11-15 22.40.06.jpg
I shoot the 7WSM and it has very little recoil compared to the 300 Win. I am sure the 7 RSAUM will be about the same. My rifle is extremely accurate! I am also having a rifle rebarreled to 7mm.
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