Burris III red dot on Rem. 7600 carbine


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Feb 17, 2012
North Carolina
Here in the middle of bear/deer season in mtns. of NC and seeing first hand the closeness of shots I have removed my 1.5x6x40 30mm scope off my Remington 7600 carbine in 35 remington. I can not get my head down enough to see the iron sights well enough. I am considering a Burris III red dot scope. Can you get target Acquisition fast enough with this type scope/sight? The majority of shots at our bears is from 3 yards to 25 yards. I have old man eyes.

YES I use an AIMPOINT on my shotgun there is nothing faster except this guy. I cant speak to the quality of the burris dot, but some guys with astigmatism have issue with the red dot I have it and do not have issue.

Dont know what that sight cost either but the aimpoint 9000 which is the hunting model can be had used for around 300 on average. If your an avid ebayer an aimpoint can be found for 200. Best of luck

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYc5NXyIaYg]Fastest gun ever - YouTube[/ame]
I have a #2 and recommend it for your application. I've used mine on both a 223 AR and a 45acp AR with no issues and recently installed it on the front scope base of a 243 savage with reduced loads for a friends 9 year old girl to begin hunting with. Sights like the Burris fastfire allow for easy and very fast both eyes open shooting and are tolerate of cheek positioning or lack there of.
I've had great success with the 1-4 Leupold killed a bunch of bear with it. A guide I know uses a fixed 3x Leupold. I've used the2 1/2 x Leupold also.
Fitting your rifle to you makes it faster for moving targets . Take the comb down some
I have a couple of fastfires. I have one my daughter uses on a thompson contendor in 44 mag. I have shot it a bit and shot a bear out of a stand a few years back with it at about 10 yds and it workied like a champ. I have one on my ithica mag 10 i used to use when i was guiding for turkeys and i love it for that cause when a client missed or dusted the turkey and they took off fast i could get on them pick the spot and finish the job.

I would sit it to the rear of the receiver as far as u could and go for it practice with it I was surprised how easy it is to use. I bought mine on the reccomendation of a good friend who uses one on his carry pistol so i tried it on my pistol and it was ok but i really like it on a rifle especailly a close range gun.

Good luck
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