Bullet choice for moose


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Oct 4, 2013
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I am getting ready to go to Alaska on my first moose hunt and I have just finished my first custom rifle build. It a 270/26 Nolser and it's set up to shot the new 170 bergers. I haven't had a chance to do load development with the rifle yet.

But here's the question. Dad just got back from Gunwerks shooting school and he said one of the instructors told him that Berger is not a good bullet choice for moose. The guys wasn't putting them down just saying for anything bigger than elk the guy recommended the new eld bullets. Dad said his explanation was bergers won't give good penetration on an animal that size.

I could see where this could have logic but I also see that Gunwerks now is really pushing hornady.

I would like to know your guys thoughts and please no bigger caliber comments.
I'm sure the new Hornady bullets are fine, but I sometimes wonder if they are a bit over-hyped. Guys really seem to be into them, and maybe they are as good as folks are saying. I just don't think they are the "end all, be all" bullet.

At this point, I don't think I'd second guess myself. The 170 grain Bergers are certainly very interesting, and I doubt even a moose is going to walk away from being hit with one.

It's already early summer, if your hunting this fall, then I'd just get to work on those Bergers. Develop a load, and get to practicing. :D

sounds like a cool trip! :cool:
Well you did set your rifle up to shoot the 170 Berger...

That bullet will be just fine. Either would work. Get to the range and try both. Use whichever bullet gives you best accuracy. Where are you hunting this year?
I was fortunate enough to get a tag in dm337.

Glad to hear I wasn't crazy thinking the bergers would be fine on moose.

Hornady at this time doesn't make their eld line for 27 cal. nolsers accubond I know will work if others questioned the penetration of the bergers.
in my testing of the ELD-X bullets in 6.5, 30 cal and ELD Match in 338 cal showed me good accuracy but water jug penetration was 3-4 jugs with bullet blow up and core jacket separation was common, I've had better luck with Bergers in all three of the cals and suggest you stick with the 170 gr Berger for shooting moose, may want to load a box of heaviest for caliber Swift A-Frames for a carry round as bear defense and close range moose dumping, Sept moose hunting is usually close range call 'em in shoots and you may encounter shots from 10-50 yards
I agree a long range rifle will most likely not be needed. Here is a September moose walking by my cabin porch. Just to get you fired up for your upcoming hunt...

I will definitely look into the swift a frame bullets as a close range bullet.

Thanks for the video. Definitely getting excited for trip.

September can't get here fast enough
What twist is your barrel? We have a 126g designed for 9" twist and a 156g designed for 8" twist. Either one will make it through a moose. I would not hesitate to use either one for your hunt.

It has an 8 in twist.. I wouldn't mind trying any of those 2 bullets.

Perfect. The 156g Hammer will leave no doubt at what ever range you need to use it. No close up worries and will expand down to 1800fps nicely.

I moose hunt annually with a group of guys. In our camp the 30-06 for the two old guys, 4 7mm Rem mags, a 270. Win, a 300. Wsm and I bring along my 300. Winny. The 270. Win is my old mans and he has always used the 140 accubond or 150 partition with unbelievable success right out to 550 yards! With the added velocity of your cartridge I'd say the 140 accubond would be hard to beat. The 150 Berger was going to be the bullet of choice to try on moose this year but have no real feedback. The entire group shoots accubond and partitions 180's in the 06, 160's in the 7mm's, 180 out of the wsm. We have tried over the past 40 years an aray of bullets and these two seem to be the most reliable.

The only 2 in camp, myself and my buddy have been loading Bergers for a few years now but haven't had an opportunity to take a shot yet. I have the 215's being sent around 2915fps and my buddy is running the 180 hybrids out of his 7mm. With Broz feedback on the Bergers I have no problem trying them, and say those 170's should work just fine. But as far as everything else we have tried, the accubond and partitions seem to be the ticket. The new eld-x might replace the accubond for us (better bc, yet stronger then a Berger for the close shots) as long as people keep posting reviews on terminal performance
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