Bullet Choice for 6BR


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Jul 16, 2005
Hello all,
as most of you know, I am having a long range 6BR built. My plan is to use the 70grn Ballistic Tip and 75grn V-Max for shots from 100 to 600 yards. I will use the 105grn Lapua scenar for shots past 600 and out to 1000 yards.

My barrel is a Krieger 30", 1-8.5 twist, 4 groove, with a .236 lands. The Chamber will be set up for Lapua brass and it will have a .060 lead (freebore).

What bullets are you guys using for your 6BR?

68gr Barts Ultras.
70gr smk
75gr Vmax.
Still doing load development so I can't give much for particulars.
Both mine are 14 twist barrels so I am kinda limited on bullet selection.
thanks for the info. I have been hearing the 6BR, even with a fast twist barrel, loves the 70grn Ballistic Tip for shots out to 600 yards, have you heard that too? What's even more interesting is the velocity that can be obtained with the 6BR. The 70 and 75grn Bullets can be driven, out of a 30" pipe, at around 3450fps, that's impressive for this little cartridge.

I'm running the 70gr smks at 3550 out of a 24" pipe using 33.8gr H-322.
That is about 3 grains over Hodgdons max load and slightly more will loosen primer pockets in Lapua brass with my chamber. I am just working up loads for the 68gr Barts and 75gr Vmax but in my rifles, both 24" barrels 3500 is attainable with the V-maxes.
Right now I am trying to shrink groups trying different powders, H-335 & H BL-C2. I was going to shoot them today but was unable to get time during daylight.
When I built both rifles the only ranges around were 100-300yds that is the reason for the 14 twist barrels. This fall The range at Grand Island started holding 200 and 600 yd meets. Had I known then what I know now at least one would be an 8 or 8.5 twist.
I have not tried the Ballistic tips and I may not as the first match I went to at GI I won the 200 group with the Sierras, but didn't do as well at the 600 with it which is the reason for testing with the 75gr v-maxes.
James, thanks for the info. You are getting awesome velocity with the 70grn bullets. I will be using the 70grn BT and 75grn V-Max for varmints out to 600 yards. I am going to try the 87grn V-Max too, I should be able to get 3200fps out of the 30" pipe with that bullet.

I have been told the 105grn Lapua scenar is very accurate out of a Krieger, 1-8.5 twist, 4 groove .236 lands barrel. My barrel is set up exactly like that.

James, I have done some more investigating and it looks like 3500 to 3600fps with the 70grn BT and 75grn V-Max are realistic with a 30" pipe.

6mm BR bullets

My 6mmBR has 26" Krieger, 8 tw., .080 freebore. I shoot it in 500 meter groundhog matches. Seat bullets 10-15 into the lands. With that twist, heavier bullets are better. The 105 and 108 Bergers are my favorites, over a heavy load of RL15. Chrono reads about 2800 fps. Many prefer Varget, but not mine.
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