Bought a another gun today.

Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
Walked in my local gun shop today.(I've been looking for a 600 yard carry gun)About half way down the Remington rack I spotted a long Fluted aftermarket barrel.I started to get a little excited.As I picked up the gun it was Love at first sight.I then ran to the front desk to ask the store owner what the story was on that gun.Turn's out it was his personal gun.He told me the story.And why he was selling it.To make this long story a little shorter.I am now the proud owner of a McMillan stocked.Remington actioned.27"Douglas 9twist barrled 7mm Stw.I think I found my carry gun......
There are normal days then there are lucky days but occasionaly you will have a very lucky day.

hope you do well with it.
Hey Boyd,
Does this mean your wife is leaving you..........again??
Hello VH

I talked to Boyd and I think he is going to get his wife to shoot one of those rifles at the Williamsport 1000 yard range this year.
Once he does that, ANY problem encountered about buying a new rifle will be over.
It's a trick I learned LONG AGO.
Get your wife involved. NO problems after that.

Darryl Cassel
VH.My wife is a little more understanding now than she was when I wrote that.I guess I should change my sig.....My wife started to shoot over the summer.Some of the best group's with my Rum were shot by her.We have been talking about both of us shooting at Williamsport this year.Her in the Heavy class and me in the Light gun.I will not shoot in the same class as her.By me shooting in the light class it will give me an excuse for her beating me all the time.Like I'll tell her that her gun is bigger than mine.Or mine kick's more.Stuff like that.I doubt she would buy it.But it would be worth a try.Oh by the way I called and ask her if I could buy it.(BIG SMILE)................
Boyd as long as she doesn't take the new gun with her you might be alright.
I wish i could get my wife into shooting. You fellas that have a supporting better half are very luckly.
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