Blood shooting elk


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Jul 1, 2007
The past three elk that were shot with the 270Win, 130gr hornady have been blood
shot where hit change to a different box of bullets, these are a 130 interlock hornady
that have used for years, powder 56gr H4831 rem cases and 210 primers and the
same rifle since my teens. Shots were 150 to 300yds...
Ideas anyone........
I don't understand your post. Please rephrase or elabrate in more detail what your question is.
My opinion on bloodshot is that a bullet opening up too soon causes the effect of a super bruise on entry. I have had better luck with controlled expansion bullets not causing a lot of blood shot with several exceptions. Extreme high velocity and close shots will still cause considerable bloodshot.
Try the 150 grain Interbond it is a tough 90% weight retention bullet. It will start out slower and that will actually reduce meat damage up close. Down range its .525 BC will actually catch up to the light bullets velocity and have better performance downrange where you really need the energy. Run the numbers vs the 130s and you will be surprised. The trajectories are nearly identical because of the higher BC.

The 150 SST and Interlock are an option if the cost of the interbond is too high.
And the choices are:

  1. Use same bullet and load. Take no shots under 225 yards. You may have to sneak away from the Elk, but that's the price. I'm successful with this tactic on Mule Deer w/130 Sierra BTs when the whole front half of the animal was blood shot.
  2. Goto the 140 Hornady. Your problem will be reduced somewhat. I'd did this and am satisfied w/results.
  3. Try some of the suggestions posted above.
Thanks for the information will try a 140gr and do some work ups on that........
This year lowered the powder charge did help shot was at 180 yards or so
side shot she ran a short distance will post results as progress is made...
Share your ideas as we work this out, post any loads that has worked for you......
Thanks Nomad.........
I agree. Your best choice for less meat damage is going to be a quality mono-metal bullet designed for hunting. Make sure you pay attention to twist rates for the chosen bullet.

Run the GS HV or the Nosler E-tip. You won't be disappointed.

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