Bipod lenth?

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Jan 16, 2013
Okay so I have been looking for a good starter bi-pod(cant afford an atlas) but I am having trouble with height so here's the question witch height would you suggest for pron and bench work. Thanks Andrew
P.S. if you would give your favorite brand that would help thanks.
I would guess 6" to 9" would do you for bench and prone.

I shoot both a Harris and a GG&G HD. I prefer the GG&G, but it is about as costly as the Atlas...
A 9"-13" works great for me, shooting prone, or from a bench. I recently purchased a vanguard equalizer bipod, and so far I love it. I picked it up at a local sporting goods store for$59.99. Much less than the atlas. I also have a Harris 6"-9" bipod mounted on a Ruger Charger. (10/22 action in a pistol grip stock with a ten inch barrel). It is a great bipod, but when I mounted it on my 7 mm, I found that I only ever used it fully extended, and at times, that still wasnt enough. I will stick with the 9"-13" size on my rifles. I hope this helps.
The 6~9 is a little better for bench work. But if you are going both prone and bench go with the 9~13" I have tested many bipods and prefer the Harris 9~13" swivel to bipods that cost 3 times as much. Until I find a more stable unit I will be staying with the Harris for my long range rigs.

I agree with above statements 6 to 9 for prone and bench.I picked up a Harris s25 I think (12 to 25) at a pawn shop for 30 bucks. while its a pain prone it is great for hunting in the hills. You have a little more length for prone when you are on a slope and can't get quite flat prone. Which brings up practice shooting that way. It can be awkward.
Ive got three 6-9 harris on our three rifles for spring through cold enough for more layers....when it gets colder ive got a 13-25 harris that works good with layers when prone or works good when settin agsinst a tree when yote huntin....
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