Best bipod

Very nice machine work by your friend!

Bipods should have some play to allow "loading" thus allowing the shooter to trap the rifle under gradually increasing pressure. I don't know, but perhaps the same thing happens with a bipod with zero play...but I never saw such a setup in the military or in F Class events. I think most world class shooters prefer a bipod with play to feel the gradual loading as pressure increases on the rifle.

Bipod play has little to do with recoil management...that is up to the shooter. From the Army's manual, "the bipod responds to the shooter's recoil management technique".
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I am no expert on bipods, but one thing I do differently is mount them backwards (Harris style). I never keep one mounted on my rifle; I carry both a short and sitting style in my daypack and attach it when I need it. The reason I mount it backwards is it allows me to adjust the height a lot quicker, because the legs are flexing backwards.
The play is necessary for recoil management. You load the bipod to remove the slack, so when the gun recoil backwards that play help absorbs the recoil and as your body pushes back, with a properly loaded bipod, you will be back on target for a follow up. Pretty basic and very very effective, that's why there's play in a bipod.

Shoot that gun off a cement bench and enjoy the jump the rifle will do...

Also the loaded bipod helps with spotting your hits or misses... a stiff bipod, not so much. Hence why F class and rail guns are so heavy. Plus f class has sleds to slide on... like the play in a bipod, same principle
It did "jump" a little but now it has lead shot everywhere I could put it, even the magazine plus the steel arca rail. I'd say she was in the 20+ lbs range. Think that might help. Havent tried it yet.
If you use a Harris or ”harris style” consider trying out a set of our Bipod Spikes. Get predictable loading profile on any surface. Wet logs, smooth rocks, mud, gravel, sand Etc.
We shoot Harris Bipods. have a 1/2 dozen or more. I really the upgrade Spike Feet".
I also like a little play so I can CANT or twist left or right, Harris has an adapter for swivel movement which is needed to make fast adjustments on Yotes, Chucks, PA, Hogs.
The DYI Machined one the OP Post is nice and well made for a DYI.
The real trick is to have some flex, but have the movement dampened, maybe with a silicon jacket in the flex joint. I like the big rubber feet for most apps.
I have never used a bipod attached to the rifle since my days in the Army, and then, only in training. I would not want a bipod mounted to a rifle and have to carry it in the field, where you rarely have the time, place, or terrain features available to set up with a rifle-mounted bipod.
What I was introduced to, about three years ago, was a swivel-headed, adjustable legs bipod that is great out of a blind, or hide. The top is a deep V that accommodates the stock well, and the screw adjustable legs can be set at different heights if necessary.
I was just looking closely and it looks like a 3rd leg against the forearm. If it is, when/what is it used for, if not, what is it?
I was just looking closely and it looks like a 3rd leg against the forearm. If it is, when/what is it used for, if not, what is it?
He made mine with a set of long legs for prone (I got a belly, makes me a little higher) and a set of short legs for bench. Just happens that he threaded holes on the back side for "kinetic deflectors" as he called them. Weights that can be added up to 5 lbs. The spare legs also threaded into the holes but I don't think I like that arrangement. Goin to the range tomorrow. First time for the rig after weight added.
Tried at the range today. Recoil was much better than old stock, straight back with no jump at all. Shot off wood bench so could only "load" about the same as I would have off sand bags. The plastic round feet offer little resistance on wood. I do prefer no movement from a bipod. I guess the only complaint I have with this redo is the KRG stock has no bag rider change in elevation, or very little. Thanks for input guys.