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Jun 10, 2022
Just wanted to brag on my machinist friend. I've looked a many bipods and even the most expensive have some play, not this one. Its not intended for hunting I wouldn't think and prs shooting, well, I guess if you added a quick attach arca it might work. But the point being this is a fine piece of craftsmanship. Just wish I would have had this during my prairie dog days.1679438624990.jpeg1679438599353.jpeg

loading a bipod is pretty basic

unless you have ski feet and a bunny ear rear 'bag' like BR and F Class i don't understand having 100% rigidity
Understand, thats why the 45 degree angle so you can push against it, I think.
My problem was, sometimes I was on wood or concrete or dirt and it never worked for me.
But it works for you.
It would be great if politics worked that way.
Please elaborate. I tried a few and could not figure this concept out. I'm just straight up bench and prone competition. Only shot a few times with this new set up.
The play is necessary for recoil management. You load the bipod to remove the slack, so when the gun recoil backwards that play help absorbs the recoil and as your body pushes back, with a properly loaded bipod, you will be back on target for a follow up. Pretty basic and very very effective, that's why there's play in a bipod.

Shoot that gun off a cement bench and enjoy the jump the rifle will do...

Also the loaded bipod helps with spotting your hits or misses... a stiff bipod, not so much. Hence why F class and rail guns are so heavy. Plus f class has sleds to slide on... like the play in a bipod, same principle
It might be helpful if you
make some sharpened threaded rod ends and lock nuts (maybe some inverted wing nuts) to thread into the front legs.
Tell your machinist friend, very nice work. He's not in the S.E. is he ? For slack maybe get some thin rubber thin rubber between the mount and the weapon.I just saw that a member makes bipod accessories. He probably has what you need and more.
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