Bipod woes.....?


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Aug 19, 2008
So my new found coach is telling me at least half my problems @1K from prone & pod is/are- izzer my technique.

I'm way ahead of the learning curve on the windage stuff when there is no wind, but what in the world is up with all this elevation? I'm shooting 9 ring @ 6clock then a 9 @ 12, then a 8 at 6clock and on and on. I'm getting Vert, dispersion sum-thin fierce!

Shots are breaking clean on the "X" with any driver error clealry seen & called.
criver and spike his AR adviser are saying it's bipod technique, or lack of.

So I read the online article "bugholes from bipods" again. The only flag i got was I'm using mostly a free recoiling technique, but then again it's a .223.

so I will try a consistent hard hold when I can get back to the range, and some more load refinement across the chrono as well. Any thing else?

Some things that can cause vertical are not having the same shoulder and cheek weld every time. Think of the rifle as a lever and it is 'levering' against your shoulder. The same pressure and location every time is the key.

Keep at it and you will get it. At least it isn't 8 rings every time.

Also, have you chronoed your load? A large ES can cause vertical as well. Using a ballistic's program, run your drops with the highest and lowest velocity you get in a string of 10-20 shots. See how much difference is in you load.

Thanks for the info.

I never thought of plugging my high AND low spread velocity numbers into the program to see how much speculated dispersion is calculated.

With my highest and lowest chronoed MV from my load= it equates to a 25.8" vertical spread at 1000yds.!
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