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Jun 10, 2003
looking for a quality scope for my 7 STW will use for hunt moslty up to 500 yards. may take out to 1000 just to play with but not very often. would like to keep the price under $450. considering a leupold VX-II 6-18 target. what do you guys reccommend.
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Check into Sightron, I bought a 4x16x42AO mildot this spring. I am real happy with it so far. It is very clear and crisp, every bit as clear as my Leupold Vari-X II Tactical. If something is wrong with your scope, any dealer will replace it. A 6x24x42 is in your price range, 4x16 is a little cheaper. Check out these guys.

Good luck

i have been looking at the weaver V16 for around $290 ast SWFA.COM. what are some of your opinions on this scope?
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I've used the V16 quite a bit and like it.

Consider the Grand Slam series as they feature the MicroTrak system which simply cannot be beat for repeatability. No need to load the cams with MicroTrak.

My current favourite is Weaver's Tactical 4.5x14. MicroTrak, 44mm obj with shade, first plane mildot, target turrets.

**** tough scope with good glass. Tough to beat it at $500.

Good luck on ya.
I have used several Weaver scopes over the last 30 years and found them to be a very good scope for the money. A lot of folks really like the Bushnell elites too. Do a search and read the comments. Lastly, I have seen some pretty good deals go on ebay. Might be worth a look.
Don't forget to consider the Nikon Monarch series. The 6.5-20x44 is an great scope and is priced under your $450.
i have narrowed it down to these scopes:
Leupold 6-18*40 AO target turrets fine duplex,
Burris Fullfield 2 AO 6.5-20*50 target turrets fine plex,
weaver V16 AO dual X,
nikon monarch 6.5-20*44 AO target nikoplex

What are your views on these scopes, i would like to know about glass quality, reliability on holding zero, etc.
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While I am a big Weaver proponent, I've added a couple of Monarchs to my stable and I'm very impressed.

I would choose the Nikon over the Weaver V series.

I cannot comment on the Burris and I'm just not a big Leupold fan.


I have heard real good things about sightron but the clicks are all 1/8" (I think!) I would not like that myself but target shooters do it seems.

If you get a Leupold you can always get a custom reticle from Premier Reticle down the road, including power ups etc, and the do a FINE job... but they ONLY work on loopies. In fact they have good prices on loopies too... check em out on the web site
I got two weaver v16's back when they were on sale at Natchez for 219 about a year or more ago. Have not wrung them out yet, but like the other fellow said, that microtrac system is the best of the very best, and they say that sightron tracks just as good also. The V16 does NOT have microtrac though...

And you know, the resale value of loopies is certainly legend, instant cash when you are in a jam, not so certain about any other scopes, cept them Nightforce's and all them overpriced youareapeein scopes...
Nikon Monarch, as Jon said. Best bang for your buck..sakofan..
Its down to two scopes. the leupold or the nikon. i like the reliability of the leupold. i have always used them and havent had any problems yet. however, i like the higher power and slightly larger objective of the nikon. which one of these will hold zero best. most of my hunting is up and down rough dirt roads in a F350 so they get rattled around pretty good. the nikon seems to have a little less eye relief, little more weight, and length than the leupold.

also found some lupy 8.5-25*40's for around $500 here on LRH. not sure if i want this much power for hunting but would be nice on those long shots. what do you guys think?

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Leupold has variable eye relief which I personally dont care for. Most Loopie fans think it is a non issue. I would rather have fixed, like a Nikon...sakofan..IMHO
I know you don't plan on going this way, but I will throw in my .02 cents for those who still have not decided for sure. Sightron scopes are excellent and so is the company. High quality for less than leupold charges with similar features and the company holds true to the warranty: no hastle full life time replacement, and there really was no hastle. Can't say the same for leupold from my experience.
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