Best 25 cal. Barrel Maker


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Aug 21, 2006
Longmont, CO
Looking to purchase a barrel for my 25/284 build. I have generally used Lilja in the past but all of those rifles were 7mm cal. or larger. Wasn't sure of how good Lilja's smaller caliber barrels are as compared to Krieger or Brux. Looking for opinions from shooters with a 25 cal. barrel from any of the three listed manufacturers. How well do they shoot? How easy do they clean up? Wait time and cost? Would you recommend the manufacturer you chose or not? Why or why not?

I'm looking at a 1-10" twist, fluted, in a #4 Lilja contour.

I would like to recomend Broughton. I put a #4 5R 26" SS on my 257 Wby Mag and the first 5 3 shot groups fired with 5 different loads were all under 3/4". I have been pushing 100gr TSX at 3700fps and not getting any copper fouling! Best of all Tim North will stand behind his barrels, they are top shelf all the way!
First decide do you want a cut rifled or button rifled barrel. Match grade or not.

Here are the match grade.

Cut- Brux, Bartlein, Krieger, Satern, Obermyer (good luck getting one of his), Border etc

Button- Hart, Douglass, Broughton, Shilen, Lilja, Spencer, etc.

Right now, most are going towards the cut from Krieger and Bartlein. However, I have had almost all are very good barrels. So take your pick.

I currently have a #4 contour 6.5 Sherman in a Lilja. It's a 3 groove 8 twist and will shoot around 3/8 moa. Not a 25 but close.....Rich
I love these topics, it's like walking into a Miss America contest and proclaiming, "Wow, that one contestant is gorgeous!". All the makers produce great barrels, but they all need a good "smith" to create a one holer! The good news is there are so many good ones to choose from. Barrel makers that is, just trust your smith when you find a good one, and maybe even listen to him... He probably has a little more personal experience than you. He also will have a working relationship to some of the suppliers.
I you can get one from "Boots" then great but Krieger is my choice for competition or for sporters.
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