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  1. FearNoWind

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    Jul 10, 2012
    We see a lot of merchandise change hands between individuals on forums like LRH. Most of the time they work out well. Occasionally someone gets cheated; sometimes it costs BIG bucks. IMO, that means we should all consider how transfers are conducted when buyingfrom or selling to strangers we contact in these forums.
    Whether there's an FFL involved in the process or not, how the funds are transfered and how the product is delivered can make a huge difference. I recently read a post on another forum where the seller sent an expensive scope and accepted a personal check. The buyer has gone incognito and the check isn't worth the paper it's written on.

    Few of us can afford to give away or valued equipment or our hard earned cash.

    PayPal is a popular method for receiving payment. I use it quite a lot. But, as I understand the policies outlined on this page ( PayPal's protections don't cover all types of transactions. A favored method of transferring funds using PayPal is for the purchaser to classify the seller as "Friend". The PayPal web site says "Purchase Protection also does not cover items that you purchase in person, or money you send to friends and family."

    Likewise, as I understand the policies outlined on this page ( USPS accepts any of three types of payments from the recipient - cash, or a personal check or money order made payable to the mailer. Personal checks don't always finish well in the race to the bank.

    What I find at ( is that UPS will accept personal checks on behalf of the shipper, but if the shipper requests another form of payment (cashier's check or money order) it will not accept a personal check.

    There are certain nuances associated with every delivery service. For example, I believe UPS ships COD only to one of their own stores and the recipient has to pick up the package there. My point here is, whatever method you choose for transferring your cherished equipment or your hard earned money, take the time to check the shipping service you intend to use so you know exactly what to expect if something goes wrong.

    I make it a practice to always go to the shipper's web page and get the most current information on how they handle transfer of funds. I'd recommend everyone protect themselves in similar fashion.
  2. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004
    There is another way that is just about as secure as I have found.

    A postal Money order works very good because the buyer has to pay for it up front and the seller
    has to receive it and then cash it., all the time it is being tracked from departing location to receiving location by both the seller and the buyer.

    When the article for sale it shipped it should be a signature required package that can also be
    tracked that way the seller can be assured that the buyer got the package.

    To me that is the best way Of making a honest transaction, and if for some reason it is lost it can be located and if not the post office has to pay the insured value of the item or the face value of the money order.

    I have been defrauded by a check and electronic transfers, and the postal money order seems to be the safest and most comfortable for both parties.

    Just the way I like to deal with selling and buying.

  3. geo4061

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    Jun 25, 2014
    This is a great way if you are the seller. There is no guarantee the buyer won't take the money and run or send an inferior product. We need someone to set up a business that will accept and inspect a shipment from the seller. Then the buyer sends Postal Money Order to seller. Upon receipt the third party will forward the item to the buyer. I would not have any problem paying an extra hundred plus extra shipping on an expensive purchase.

    HARPERC Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2011
    I'm fairly new to internet purchases but have had good luck dealing with folks on this site.

    One thing about the Postal Money Orders on small deals, is they won't cancel one for 60 days, and they want $6 to check on it's status.

    Gaps in mail delivery exist, we get mailboxes gone through around here fairly often by the local addicts especially in the rural areas. In this particular case the original Money Order has never shown up. I never once thought the seller wasn't holding up his end, but understand what a flake I could look like on the other end.

    Regarding most of the complaints I've seen on here all the hoops have been jumped through before placing blame, and I'd like to see that continue.

    FEENIX Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2008
    Trust and integrity plays a key role in the transaction; hope that both parties will do their part.

    I have done USPS money order and personal check here without any issues.
  6. fmajor

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    Oct 8, 2009
    I tend to not buy items from folks with little time registered or only a handful of posts.
  7. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004

    +1 on the trust issue.

    There should be a certain trust developed before you do a transaction on line.

    I have been burned once when I was not sent the item after sending a check (It was cashed)

    I now use the Postal Money order because I can track it and also if it is a large amount I will have the receiver sign for it. This still does not 100% guaranty that I will get the item but at least I have proof that he/she received the money and I can take legal steps to recover the money or the item.

    Also I always ask that the sender send it signature except so I have to sign when I get it.

    I will warn others about not buying if the seller is not a trusted member on this site and does not have many (If any) post on other subjects except sales. You can look up his history of post easy and see what he is all about.

    Len does a good job of policing the site but he cant catch all of the dishonest ones.

    And the old rule about "If it sounds to good to be true, It probably is".

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    Apr 15, 2015
    several years ago, I got the short end of the stick on a HIGH end Rifle that i wanted, but really did not have the money for. I got the money together, sent him a USPS money order and got a POS (Piece of XXXX).

    Now any transaction that i have not dealt with the person or I don't trust them
    I us a Escrow service.
    They do firearm transaction
    down side, you have to pay for the service about $100. on $2500. transaction
    But i know i am safe. If the person does not agree to the escrow, I should not be dealing with them anyways.