Bases and Rings for Win Model 70


Jul 12, 2013
My son has a Winchester Model 70 in 7MM Rem Mag. When he mounted his scope, a Vortex with 30mm tube, after zeroing at 200 yds. it has only 5 minutes of angle left before it tops out. We're looking for recommendations on the correct bases and rings for this application. Kind of prefer Leopold rings and mounts, but these are what we are having the problem with.
... it has only 5 minutes of angle left before it tops out...
Just to be clear, you're saying the scope has only 5 MOA of bullet up adjustment, correct? If it has only 5 MOA of bullet down adjustment, then it may be good to go. Which Leupold bases are on the rifle now?
Thanks, Bruce. The rings presently on the rifle are std. 30mm low rings (51718) and the bases are two piece std rev rear (50021). The scope is a Vortex Viper 6.5 x 20 with a 44mm objective (30 mm tube). To clarify the problem, I don't have much elevation left for long range shooting when zeroed for 200 yards, only about 5 MOA.
I don't know what the front base is without taking it off the rifle (didn't save that package). Sounds like the bases are the issue. Do you know which ones they should be for a turreted scope?
I suggest that you check the windage turret to make sure it's also not near a limit. If not, then I would probably recommend switching to a Picatinny rail and rings. I don't know if the problem is the receiver top, the bases, or a crooked barrel installation. I recommend that you get a 30 MOA rail (with 30 MOA of bullet up built into the base). That should cover all contingencies.

You could also try a pair of Burris Signature low 30 mm rings, they come with 20 MOA offset inserts. I don't think Burris sells double dovetail Signature 30 mm rings anymore. If your bases are double dovetail, you may need to buy two sets of the windage adjustable Signature rings just to get two dovetail rings.

Bruce is giving you very, VERY good advice. Heed it. That is exactly the set-up I have on my Win. model 70 classic in 7WSM. I put a +20 insert on the bottom of the rear ring with a -20 on the top of the rear ring. Worked wonders.

I had the same issue with my win 70 as well. I discovered my scope mount holes were not drilled in perfect alignment with the bore. I went with the dual dovetail signature mounts and managed to get with 1 minute of where I wanted to be without touching a turret. They're good solid mounts and the inserts won't hurt the finish of your scope.
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