Bake-on finish questions ...


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Oct 21, 2008
Black Hills, SD
I have successfully painted and baked 10 to 12 projects using Brownell's Teflon-Moly bake-on rattle can finish. However, I've only done 2 barreled actions. They are difficult for me to bake because of their size. I don't have a dedicated oven at this time. I may make one in the future as space permits; but not right now. I'm getting ready to switch over to the liquid product and start spraying it on.

Here are my questions. I have a buddy that owns a body shop. I've been talking to him about this. He suggested that I try to bake the finish in his cabinet that is heated by commercial infrared lights. We turned it on for about 10 minutes and it heated a piece of metal quite warm. I'm guessing it was 250 to 300 degrees. The cabinet is not enclosed; it is open in the front. I'm thinking that this might work. Heat is heat, right? Has anybody tried this? What was the result? I plan to test this on a scrap piece of steel, but how will I measure if it is as durable as if it had been baked in an oven? Thanks for your input.

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