Textured finish on Stock


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Dec 25, 2006
I just received my Stockade P Dog Special stock and I will be doing the finish work. I have a McMillian A5 that has a nice texture to it. I would like to add a texture before I paint this new stock. Any suggestions you guys have for adding a texture?
If you want to do just the palm gripping areas I've heard of using bed liner material. Should work very well.

If you want to paint the whole rifle, I painted my Pdog Special with Plastikote Stone Fleck paint and went over it with a few coats of polyurethane clear. Turned out very nice.
Go to a body shop-auto paint supply store, get some rocker pannel spray texture. I have some that is black epoxy, dries in about 30 mins and gives a real nice texture that is not overly rough. Another is the 3M rocker spray, two types, green or yellow can. I like the med texture in this type, its sandable and dries hard (yellowish color that smells like the old plastic wood). These all come in rattle cans, and use outdoors, they stink bad!
Ditto what BD said.

I also like to use rattle can truck bed liner. Hold the nozzle well away from the stock to get the flects right. It takes about 10 secons to catch on.

The longer it sets the harder it gets.

Not too rough and not too smooth.
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