Baked on Finishes

Greg Duerr

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Mar 25, 2011
Reno, Nevada
Whats the difference between the Cerecote baked on finish and the Gun-kote Baked on finish. Are there other finished that are more durable?
I've heard of Poly-kote finish as well but dont know the difference between anyone of them.

Thats a good example.............I had a rifle Poly-Koted and it did not take much to have it come off.

So, whats Teflon Coating is that something different?
Teflon gun coatings are nothing like Teflon cookware. It's just good paint with Teflon in it. If there was something better than Cerakote I would be using it. I have a Cerakoted barrel in the drainage ditch behind the shop for over 2 years now. I pull it out from time to time to let customers beat on it and sure you can gouge the metal out from under it if you hit it hard enough with something sharp but it will not chip. If you hit it with something smooth it just dents. No rust anywhere the coating is still intact. Coating still looks like new.
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