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Nov 27, 2010
Ashflat, AR
I do alot of shooting out to 800y here on our farm and my friends and i have been talking about setting up a rifle golf course for fun. i thought i would see if anybody from the forum would be interested in shooing on it after rifle deer season is over. i am located 11 miles from Ash Flat Arkansas in a little spot call center if anybody wants to mapquest it you can enter center as the destination and it will show up.
i really like both of them. i have found that the 7mm is pretty picky about factory ammo and the factory trigger in it was really stiff. the 7mm is an older vanguard that my dad got for me some 15+ years ago. it really shines with hand loads tho and will hold 1/2moa as long as i do my part. my 257 is only a year old and is the series 2 so it has decent trigger from the factory.
I picked up a synthetic vangaurd in 7mm Rem Mag in a trade and was going to try and find a trade for a big 300 or 338. It is like new but I believe I'm going to just give it to my dad as a gift and get a larger cal some other way. Brad
i'd be interested in it if the price is right. i've started a 7mm Dakota build that is going to use my current action and i've got a pile of 7mm rem brass and my wife kinda wants me to build her one to replace her 280 which is an automatic rem.
no sir i sure dont. i have a friend who isnt on this forum that has a browning medallion in .338 RUM for sale with 8 boxes of ammo. i can get you his number if you would like.
Brad - i understand man

yall are both welcome to come up and shoot. i will keep you both updated as i get the "course" set up and the weather breaks.

i could even use some input on how to set it up if yall would like to help me with some ideas.

target ranges? currently i'm set up for out to 800 but with a little work i can get 1000 and a little more i can get 1200. nothing says that we have to go out that far so suggested ranges would be nice since i dont know how far you guys would like to shoot.

target type / target sizes / number of targets?


my thoughts - 9 various targets shot from 3 shooting locations. ranges would not be given and shots would have to be made from a square 8-10' x 8-10' painted on the ground with marking chalk maybe even some sort of obstical for some closer targets ie a log or something. shooters allowed 1 backpack and 1 shooting mat. shooters only allowed to use the gear that they have in their packs including the pack. scoring would be birdie (-1) for a 1st round hit, par (0) for a 2nd round hit, and bogie (+1) for a 3rd round hit. lowest score wins.

also thought about setting up a "long range tic-tac-toe" target. which would be a frame holding 9 targets 6" squares set up at 600 yards. shooters would shoot a "sighter" target to the side at the same range and the closer shot would get first turn at the "board" the shots would have to be called before firing so if you hit the wrong one it would count as a miss and the other shooter would take his turn.

i was thinking that if everybody wanted we could even do like a $5-$10 jackpot round or something like that. of course not a have to thing just for a little more fun if everybody wanted. or if yall just want some practice shooting that is perfectly fine also.

whats yalls thoughts?
cool, there is another guy on here from searcy also so maybe he can make it too.

i will keep everyone updated in this thred as i get everything put together when the weather takes a turn for the better
Yeah, the weather kinda stinks right now. Just give me a shout if you need any help setting things up. I'd be glad to give you a hand.
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