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May 3, 2008
Alright guys here is the deal I am looking for some places to shoot. All the ranges around me are becoming increasingly unfriendly to my rifles. The two ranges around me that offer any real distance have given me flack about my weapons. Bayou Rifles has some ridiculous rules the prohibit all of precision rifles in one way or another (No bullets w/ BC over .6, no big bores like 338, 408, or 50 caliber, and no class III unless you apply for exeption). And American Shooting Centers just got black listed by me today for telling me today to either shoot unsuppressed or be arrested. So now I am in search of new places to shoot.

What I need are some places in the SE Texas, preferably in the Conroe/Huntsville/College Station area, that will allow me to shoot 338 Lapua, a suppressed rifle, and High BC bullets. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Longshot, I just sent you a message concerning a place to shoot in the Huntsville area.
Darrel Martin
I am a member of Izaak Walton Leagues of America. They usually have very nice ranges, ours is out to 300 yrds and you can shoot anything that is legal. They are usually pretty cheep, I pay $200 a year for my membership and can shoot ANY time I want with no additional charge. You may look them up in your area and see if they offer anything... Good Luck.
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