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  • Lets just hope the water stops rising and things are safe from both the river and tornados.
    Best to you and family.
    Right now Memphis is flooding downtown along the river but further east is just fine. All the streams and rivers 5 miles east are at normal levels for the amount of rain we've had. HIgh but not too much so. Interstate 40 is flooded and closed at Brinkley, AR with detours to and from Little Rock. The river is due to crest today at about 48". Personally I'm not bothered by it because I built my house on high ground and unless Noah's flood comes again it won't ever get flooded. Some of the other low lying areas around Memphis are flooding, like West Memphis, AR, and such, though.
    How are things in Memphis? my Bro drives truck and is stuck driving back and forth in Texas he cant get to Michigan.
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