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    AR place to shoot / rifle golf

    I live in Memphis and would be up for a day of shooting.
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    Powder for .223 77gr

    AR Competition from Alliant works very well for me.
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    Any Interest in a Long Range Shooting Camp?

    I can't do it this year but next year I'll be retired and should be able to go anywhere.
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    A Question For Everyone Using Stainless Steel Cleaning Media

    I agree with Dig. I decap then tumble, size and remove lube by washing in dish soap and rinse then lay on a towel in front of the freezer to air dry.
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    could this be cleaned and used?

    0000 steel wool should do it.
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    Long Range .243 bullet

    I use the 95 Berger in 6mm AI. I was fire forming cases while hunting last season. I use enough of a charge to get 3100 f/s from the bullet. I shot 2 antelope with it, one was running, I didn't get the range, and the other was 350y. The bullet was absolutely devastating. It's a good choice.
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    Weird stuff @ the range...

    One day several years ago, I was looking down the firing line at my club range. I saw at the end of the line at the covered pistol section a bullet hole in the wall. It had been fired down the firing line from some undetermined point on the firing line. The firing line is set up with 2 one...
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    Weird stuff @ the range...

    I had a Ruger Redhawk in 44 mag send the barrel downrange. When they installed the barrel it cracked the barrel where the threads end and over time the crack got bigger until it failed. Was no shrapnel just sent the barrel about 50-60 feet downrange. We were all dumbfounded when we realized...
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    Weird stuff @ the range...

    I saw a man shooting at the range with a large bore Asquare rifle that had shot himself bloody, his fingers were dripping from contact with the trigger guard. He was going to Siberia to hunt bear.
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    Cutting Edge Raptor in .264

    There are a couple of test reports for these bullets at the They report good accuracy and great killing power on feral hogs. So far as I know there have not been any serious problems with loading them to run through the AR15, either. 85gr. Raptor Range Report Range Report...
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    brass catcher

    This man has a brass catcher that is a new design and is out for product testing right now. It is much better than the strap on bags that most people use. Home Page You will need to keep an eye on the site, though. He'll put it up when it goes into production, shouldn't be very long.
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    South Carolina Pig

    Wat to go!
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    Shelf life

    I have ammo headstamped 1963 that still shoots just fine. Store it properly and it'll last as long as you do.

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