Any good $600 scopes out there. (recoil able)


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Oct 9, 2009
My Burris signature has failed and I am looking for a new scope. I want a nightforce, but cant spend that type of cash. Do I have any other options? This will be on a 30-378 so it needs to stand up to recoil and I want something that will go 20 to 24 power.

I'll second the Clearidge. I've got one and think it's about as much bang for the buck you can get in the $600 price range. I've got mine on a 7mm-08 which is by no means a big boomer, but have had absolutely no problems in 2 yrs.

Vortex Viper can be had for about $500. And they have a $50 rebate on them now. I called Vortex a while back to ask about a higher magnification viper scope ever coming out. They said its in the works. Also the guy I talked to said they have a viper scope mounted to a 50 cal with over a 1000 rounds and its still holding zero! So there you go. Plus lifetime transferable warrenty can't beat that.
Just send it back to Burris and they will fix it for you and if they can't they will send you a new one.

You are in a great situation. When the second replacement scope comes in to you, sell it online or trade it to a local dealer for what you want that is heavy duty enough to stand up to your rifle. Very few can aruge with a brand new scope in the box.
You might give a Sightron a good look. Somewhere I read an independant recoil test and Sightron really shined, much better than Leupold. I just bought a new SIII and paid right at 700.00 and while that is wholesale cost, they are still a good scope for the money.
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