spotting scopes - any bargains out there?


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Jan 28, 2004
Central Pennsylvania
I'm looking to buy a spotting scope, for 2 uses:

1) indoor air rifle shoots (10 meter)

2) outdoor groundhog hunting - 200-1000 yards (ok, lets be real, out to 500 yards max-the barn ain't big enough at 1000 yards with present equipment)

Funds are in limited supply, and I presently dont get out that much to spend over $150 on a spotting scope - under a $100 sounds even better to me.

I buy most of my stuff on EBAY, and find that there are some bargains out there on name brand stuff as well.

With these parameters in mind, are there any "bargains" in the under a $150 spotting scopes?
Certainly for that money you could get a Bauch and Lomb Discoverer 15-60 x 80. I think new they're around that. If I were to make bigeyes, I'd probably go to B&L for the parts. Not sure if they have fixed powers though. I have never seen anything nicer for the money, that's for sure.
One of the hunting magazines,i.e. F&S, OL, did a review last fall and rated an Alpen as a best buy if memory serves. It got a great review anyway. I see them on ebay for around that price.
I just bought a Bushnell Trophy 20-50x50mm spotting scope from Sports Authority. The regular price was $199.95 and they were on clearance for $89.95. It was a good deal for the money.

Bushnell specs

..I like my Burris Landmark.. It's kindof big and clunky but the view is good IMO.. d:^) JiNC
Premier Reticles are about to release a spotting scope called spiderweb. i forget what xx it is, but it is a very impressive piece of kit. definately the spotting scope to have.. retail will be $600-700 ish.. Pete
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