Sightron scopes ---- any good ?

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I have several Sightron SIII scopes and really like them. Great glass and perfect tracking. I ordered one of the S-TAC 3-16 scopes that Midway has on sale to go on a custom 22 Magnum rifle that I built.
I ordered the MOA-3 reticle because I have 3 SIII scopes with the MOA-2 reticle. Sightron screwed the pooch with the MOA-3 reticle, it's way too thin. Unless you're using it for target shooting with a light / bright colored target, the reticle will disappear in a dark colored background.
Looking through the scope at some brush / trees, I couldn't even see the reticle lines in the scope. I returned it to Midway for a refund.
I have one, glass is good but it fogged up inside during a rainy hunt.
Sent it back and they said nothing was wrong with it. Meh.
Everyone else I know who has one loves theirs.
Thanks, I ordered one
Sightron S-TAC Tactical Rifle Scope 30mm Tube 4-20x 50mm Side Focus First Focal MOA Illuminated Reticle Matte
I have the same one Gerry does on one of my 6.5 creedmoors and a 6.5-24 on my other creedmoor. Love them both except I wish they would make the parallax knobs easier to turn. I really like the MOA-2 reticle.
I have the Siii 6-24x50 on my 280 AI. Great scope!!! Glass is good,tracks good returns to zero good. I sent mine back to Sightron and had the zero stop installed. I think you can get the newer models with the zero stop already installed.Mine has the MOA-2 reticle. I agree with Straight Shooter about the parallax knob being a little hard to turn. Over all I think they are a great scope!!
I have five Sightrons, four SIII's and one 4-20x50 STAC. They are very good scopes, the SIII's are Japanese and the STAC's are made in Philippines. They are known for having high quality glass without a lot of features. Some of the newer models do have more features like zero stops and locking turrets. Their customer service is excellent. I lost one of my turret caps and they sent me a new one no questions asked. I also bought a STAC 2.5-17x56 that was being phased out that didn't have full turret range of motion. I sent it for repair and since they had none available they replaced it with a new 6-24x50 SIII.
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Ive got the STAC 2.5-10 with the duplex reticle on a 7mm08, Love it. STAC 3-16 sits on my 308 truck gun, it has great glass, but the LOOONNGG eye relief means I have to change up my scope ring setup a bit. Finally I have a 4-20 STAC on my 280 Rem with the MOA3 reticle. I personally like the very thin reticle but it could be an issue in low light (has not yet for me).

They are built like tanks, so relatively heavy. But Im sure they could take a beating which is what Im looking for. My only real complaint is if you are aiming anywhere near the sun the view gets washed out pretty bad. That might be the Achilles heel of the STAC linup.
I have 3 siii's great value glass on par with my nxs 5x25. A much tighter eye box than nf. I have them on varmint guns. No experience with stac.
I have stac, s3. Several of each. No complaints. Good value for the price point. The last s3 I got for my nephew is really a nice scope. It impressed me. I have several stac and 1 is the FFP mil for prs. It's a good scope for the price for sure.
I don't think you get more for your money then the SIII. I bought a Zeiss V4 and vortex PST2. The SIII is so much clearer and lets in a lot more light in low light conditions. I have no experience with the lower end models through.
Overall, I have found Sightron scopes to be excellent and a good value in terms of repeatable turrets and clear glass. Like most manufacturers, some models are better than others. I love the SIII. Never had any problems with them. I still have the SIII 6-24x50 on my 6.5-06AI. I also have a discontinued Big Sky model on my lightweight 243. I chose this scope because it was one of a very few scopes out there that had a 1" tube (think less weight), a reasonable elevation range, and a paralax knob (this was a biggie). It replaced a Leupold scope that had no paralax (so thungs went out of focus beyond 500 yds. My only complaint with this model was the smaller knobs with 'mushy' turrets. Not pleased with them, but glass and paralax was enough on the positive side to keep the scope on the rifle.
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