Antlerless elk tag filled


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Jun 4, 2006
Well, I filled my late season antlerless elk tag Thursday morning at 07:26. We had walked in about a mile and ran in to two elk that ended up being calves after the fact. It's hard to tell a calf from a cow if they are not side by side. But that's ok, good eating and less to cut up. Anyhow, we snuck up a creek bottom to 406 yards. I hit mine on the 2nd shot with a 200gr Accubond in the neck. My buddy dumped the other. Another guy with us killed one an hour later and a mile higher. We were hunting in very rough, high country. Packing the elk out wasn't bad either as it was all down hill. Here's my elk and a few pic's of the country.




If you look hard you can see a herd of elk in the center of the 3rd picture.
Congrats on your hunt!!!
I am sure you will enjoy that elk meat.
Enjoyed the pictures, that is some great scenery; nice pictures.
Congratulations!!! Nice freezer-filler!

Sorry if i didn't get this in your post, but where is this? I don't want particulars, just something to whet my imagination.

What were you using to bring 'home the bacon' (rifle/cartridge/load)?

That looks like some beautiful country - just the sorta place i head to for a vacation - in winter! And not far from the Grand Tetons - ahhh wish it was home...

What a nice rifle as well - 200grns at over 3,200fps is simply AWESOME!!!
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