Another pierced primer issue with the EDGE


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Jun 4, 2003
Hermiston, Oregon
Was out shooting my 338 EDGE today and getting the bugs worked out of the drop chart.

I bought a new can of H1000 and I knew the lots have been on the hotter side. So I backed off to 91g instead of the usual 92g that I use. I loaded up 50 and shot about 25 of them with no problems. Today I set up on the 800 yard gong and I fire and notice something just wasn't right. Different kick, different sound, and holy ****, smoke coming from my acion!! Checked my face to make sure I was still alive and everythign was all good. So I proceed to lift the bolt, (which wasn't hard to lift at all BTW) and out comes the case with a pierced primer. My first issue with this combo in almost 200 rounds. I"m not exactly sure if it was a hot load or not. If it was, wouldn't the primer have popped out of the case?? The primer is still tight and flush.

I called a few people when I was out there and got a few different answers. One guy says dont shoot nemore, another says shoot one through the cronograph.

I had my cronograph with me so I decided to set it up real quick and shoot a shot through it. I put on some safety glasses this time just in case the piercing issue happened again. The reading of this shot was 2920fps. This is out of a 28" bbl w/300g SMK, 91g H1000, CCI 250, 3.780" OAL. The primer did not pierce on this one. I only shot the 1 shell through the cronograph. I did however proceed to shoot 4-5 more rounds at the 1100 yard gong, all with no pierced primers.

Do you think that primer possibly had a weak cup??

Or do I definately need to back down my charge to my originaly velocity of 2825-2840fps, wherever that may be with this new lot??

I just dont see how only 1 of them has done it when I've shot probly close to 75 of those loads doing 2900-2925fps. None of the cases really seem to show any real signs of high pressure, thats why it never occured to me that I was running that high of velocity.

I know there was a recent discussion on this just a bit ago, and I had the same result with the prior pound of H1000. I put in the standard 92g and didn't even think to recrono them. When the talk around here was going on, I went and cronoed them loads and was getting 2925-2950fps. I never did have any problems with those that I loaded at 92g, no pierced primers or hard bolt lift anyways. But I know that velocity is definately pressure related, so Thats why when I got this last recent pound of H1000, I backed off to 91g. Guess maybe it wasn't enough??

I might just have to back down to around 90g or 89.5g to get back down to 2825-2840fps.

I have 15 or so shells still loaded, what would you guys do? Shoot the rest of them up, or pull them and use the components to rework the load to my original velocity.


Original work up with this combo was 92g H1000 which gave me 2840fps.

So now I obviously know this particular can of H100 is a bit warmer.
89 gr. of H1000 would put you right at 2800-2825 ft/sec.

Then you should not have any problems. It may be a combination of hot load
+ firing pin thickness + firing pin spring. Definitely one of our smiths could
tell you better.
Unload the ones you have left, and take Eaglets recomendation to back down to 89gr, then chrono. I know there are some guys getting 2900plus out of 30" tubes, but you are on the hot side with a 28" barrel. Might want to consider buying 8# jugs in the future so you don't have to go thru this every 75 rounds.
Otherwise, how does it shoot ?
Have a Win Model 70 22-250 ackley that pierced nearly every primer when I got even close to hot. Set it aside for years. Read about firing pin being the problem, and so I took a chance & bought an aftermarket pin & spring. Had it installed, and have not pierced a primer since. Might be worth a try for you.
What is your cartridge OAL?
Where is your bullet seated relative to the lands?

Has anything about your loaded rounds changed other than the new batch of powder?
OAL of my loaded round is 3.780" I"m actually not to sure where they are in relation to the lands. Didn't even check. Just loaded to my max mag length when Shawn built the rifle.

Nothing changed except the new lot of powder.

I"m going to back off my charge to 89.5g and check a few over the crono and see what happens. I just need to get my velocity back down around 2825-2850fps and then I should be good.

I pulled my remaining 15 rounds today and am going to charge them all at 89.5g and probly call it good.

Hope to get some shooting done monday. Have a doe tag the following week and am looking to get a 1000 yard shot on video. Then the following week after that is the start of my elk season.
Did you happen to weigh the powder charges that you removed from those cartridges? If they were correct then it sure sounds like a faster burning rate powder in that batch.

Hope you get it sorted out.
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