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  • Whats the reason for selling, Looking for a stock for a edge build for multipurpose hunting and long range shooting, was the stock stable and comfortable?
    Hi Doug, looks like we did some business back in 2012, I remember now. In any case I'll take that BDL bottom metal you have for sale. Send payment info. thanks
    Doug. on second thought Ill send a personal check...I wont be able to get to the PO within the next couple days before they close..Im ok waiting for the check to clear before you ship. Im good to go. Check is mailing out tomorrow morning. thanks
    Hi Doug,
    I am trying to chase down stories and photos for our new International Trophy Hunting magazine. Would you be interested in sending in your story and photos for our magazines first Edition?
    Let me know if you are keen we have great competitions up for grabs and a few international hunts as well.

    Let me know if you are interested and I can give you more details.


    Gary Rodgers
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