Annealing Made Perfect ships 10,000th annealer!

Andy Backus

Field Editor
Staff member
Dec 21, 2009
Annealing Made Perfect is about to celebrate a real milestone. After shipping its very first induction annealer back in February 2016, number #10,000 will leave the New Zealand factory next week. In that time, the AMP annealer has progressed from the original part-analogue Mark l through to today's smart, fully digital Mark ll annealer. Over the six years of production, over 55,000 pilots have also shipped. Company president Alex Findlay says "AMP annealers are now standard equipment in many ballistics' laboratories. We are proud that our annealer is considered mandatory on the reloading bench of precision marksmen worldwide. We export to every sports-shooting country. Our patented AZTEC system means that even a novice reloader can anneal with the same precision as a world champion."


To mark the occasion, AMP has released "Making Perfect", a 320-page full color book which chronicles the company's growth from first concept in 2012, through the years of R&D, right up to today's market leading products, including the ground-breaking AMP Press diagnostic bullet seating instrument.


In the process, Alex and Matt have worked with many of the leading figures of the shooting world. This fascinating book explains how two guys in New Zealand created a unique new product, and who helped them along the way. The book includes the full "Annealing Under the Microscope" series of research articles. It is available on the AMP USA webstore: with shipping from Las Vegas, or the international webstore: shipped direct from New Zealand

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