Home made annealer opinion


Apr 9, 2020
Cambria County
Never did much annealing and have been fairly successful in 1000 yard competition ( won IBS national score championship and several state championships) and long range hunting having taken several deer over 1000 yards. However this past hunting season I noticed some vertical dispersion when testing loads (408/338 Big Baer and .338 Baer) and had some very high SD using newly purchased LabRadar. After talking to Bruce Baer he informed me that I should be annealing. So being on a fixed income I decided to make an annealing machine. this is what I came up with and the results from that endeavor.

Please comment on the photos of my test annealing. The Tempilaq below the shoulder is 450°F and I had 750°F inside the case mouth which melted. The cases are 408/338 and 25/284
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They look good to me. Tagging in in hopes to see more of the machine you built and how it works. I just use a torch and a socket on a drill would like to upgrade.
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