Home made wet tumbler


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Nov 2, 2012
I am looking for plans or a link for a homemade wet tumbler made from 5 gallon plastic buckets any help out there?

I have plans for a wet tumbler made from PVC pipe.

Thanks for all the info on all of the forms.

YouTube is your friend! I saw one kinda of small , my wheels starter turning!
Take the basic IDEA make it fit what you need!!! lightbulb

Enjoy Bobo1699
No plans, I made one from a 5 gallon pail with a snap down 'o' ringed lid, some angle iron, steel axles (bar stock), pulleys, belt and motor from Grainger .

A little welding and an afternoon and I have a nice wet tunbler that will do 1000 308 cases at a crack (you need a bit more than one bag of pins however).:D

Looking back, if I could have gotten a 2.5 gallon it would have been easier to handle.
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