Africa Safari 2012


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Dec 16, 2008
Laredo, Texas
So I just got back from hunting Africa with my dad. Originally I was supposed to take my own rifle but ended up just renting one from the PH because our paper work was rejected in Africa. All the animals we hunted were plains game animals so we took every one of them with a 3006 Springfield. We had a really good time and it was an awesome experience. My dad shot 6 Animals and I shot 2. Here are a few pictures of the trip. All in all everything was amazing excluding the 16hr flight from Atlanta. Enjoy the pictures guys...









Wow trip of a lifetime with pics great. What bullet did you use? What was the longest shot?

It sure was! I recommend Numzaan Safaris for anyone who is looking into going. Tonie Du Bruyn the PH is too cool. The PH said they were hand loaded Scirocco swift A frames. The furthest was the blesbok about 250 yards. All the animals either dropped right there or ran 10 yards or so. Excluding the big Eland that ran about 100 yards but 1 shot was all it took.
Gotta love the warthogs, but the eland pictures shows the size well. Not all eland pictures convey that. Good times-thanks.
Thanks, we were told the Eland is the largest in the antelope family and can flat out clear 10ft game proof fences. That most of the animals like gemsbok and kudu would do the same. It's kinda of wild to believe when you consider their size lol
Thanks for all the comments guys. I'm glad you all enjoyed them. Sorry I took a while to reply I've been away a few days. My dad (who is pictured with me here) is having heart trouble and we are in San Antonio. He will have four bypasses done in his heart this morning. The dr said its a miracle he didn't die in Africa last week. I ask you all for your prayers. Thank you all.
7 Mag, hang in there! Let your dad know that he has a follow-up safari in his near future! I am going on my first in May and am planning a follow-up. They say once you go it is not if you go back but when. My dad wont go because he is afraid to travel overseas with his heart condition so you are lucky. Many prayers for a speedy and full recovery.
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