About $1500 what gun to get etc...


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Nov 18, 2003
DFW Texas
I am selling my complete Encore package and am getting $1,500. I want to build a med to long range rifle in 280AI. from 0-800yards maybe 1000yds but not sure.

Cartridge is set...my personal favorite for performance and recoil.

My thought gun-wise is to get a Rem. Sendero in .473 bolt face and send the action to be trued and rebarreled, pillar and glass beddded. I am thinking Jeff Lawrence unless I get an overwhelming vote here for someone else and will need pricing for comparison.

I am thinkning similar contour as factory Sendero and maybe 27", SS, maybe fluted??? and throated or the 140gr Nosler Accubond.

As far as scope, I am leaning towards Nightforce 3.5-15x56 Mil dot...bearbasin has them at $749....I am selling another rifle to be able to afford the scope.

What do you think? Have I forgotten anything?

What your describing is already done. Factory adjustable trigger. Mine went down to 12 ounces easy. Kreiger stainless fluted lapped barrel. The action is already straight so no gunsmithing required to repair it. Comes in a good performing .284 caliber you seek. Precision built state of the art aluminum bed blocked stock.

It's a Weatherby Accumark in 7mm Wby Magnum. This is a picture of mine in 257Wby.
I went for a Burris Black Diamond in 8-32 power.
Contact Chris Matthews

[email protected]

He not only build Rifles he's a LR hunter and undertands what works and what doesn't

if you are going with a 7mm think about the new 175 gr bullet..

I own 2 and shot several of his rifles... .5 moa or better....
Sent email to Chris and Kirby

Any other input?


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