A PERFECT Daddy/Daughter Day (Pics)

Big Sky

Feb 26, 2002
Northeast Montana
My oldest daughter (Little Miss Big Sky) and I have been looking for a buck for her on and off all season. Last week I was out of town helping others get there deer, and I promised her that when I got back it would be all about her. We spent a couple days looking. Saw some good bucks and she even missed a tough shot on a pretty big buck right at last light. However it was 312 yards away and with the fading light it was not an easy shot. Had to try though. She was pretty upset about missing, but she got over it by the next morning. The next morning around 9 am this pretty buck stepped out, and she redeemed herself by making an absolutely perfect shot through the top of the heart and taking out one lung. He ran about 30 yards and fell over. The 7mm08 and my daughter strike again.

It was an absolutely perfect day all the way around. We had good weather, got to spend time together, and she was able to take a nice buck. It just doesn't get much better than this. I think the photo below says it all. Some days are just better than others, and this day was PERFECT! Take you kids hunting, it is very good for the soul.
Great write up and stellar pics!! Way to go Little Miss Big Sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great buck and a shot placement that any hunter should be proud of.

What a team you two make. Thanks for sharing with us.


My 13 yr old killed a nice whitetail this year to and i think i had way more fun being with her watching her seeing the excitement and thrill in her eyes I think I was more excited for her then I would have been to shoot a B&C buck myself.

Treasure these times with her I have a older daughter in college and she does not have the time to go anymore and i miss our hunting times together.

Again congradualtions........
Real nice buck there honey. The first buck my daughter took about made me cry.She comes home every year to hunt with dad now (priceless). She got one bigger than dad this year love it. Tell her I'm proud of her and you keep up the good work.
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