A "Big Ol' 308", my next rifle

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
A "Big Ol\' 308", my next rifle

You'll think I've bumped my head (again).

I've made up my mind on my next "long range" rifle. First a little chatter then the suprise chambering.

As many of you know, I like the 308 Win. I know the come-ups for the 308 like the back of my hand and I really find it's "rainbow" like trajectory little handicap. It is a little anemic "way out there" but then again as long as I can hit the vitals I'm sure it'll kill well enough.

I like the option of having factory ammo available so that in a pinch I can shoot even if it is with less than the best ammo.

I'm thinking I'd like a little lighter rifle and am planning on a hunt in Africa (I'm getting to it...) and a new rifle would be "required" for an African hunt (there's got to be a law about only new rifles allowed on safari's, I'll do a search later!).

So, a light(er) rifle with a trajectory that matches the 308 Win. and has a little more uumph at longer range(s) and respectable for Africa.... a 375 H&H. 300gr bullet, .47x BC, 2650 FPS--- a Big Ol' 308.

I talked with Chris Matthews today, lightweight Badger rings, bases and bottom metal, Rem 700 LA, McMillan HTG heavy (sniper) fill stock (camo of course), 24" #5 contour barrel, Witcha sling swivels + extra stud up front for the bipod, OD teflon finish on the metal, Leupold 3x9 M1 Tactical scope, beefed up bolt handle attachment, #8 screws for the scope bases.

(Sure is a long way from a 6PPC aint it!)

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Re: A "Big Ol\' 308", my next rifle

Sounds like a VERY nice rifle. Could you educate me on the stock choice? Isn't a "heavy (sniper) fill stock" going against the lightweight setup?

What would something like that normally cost?
Re: A "Big Ol\' 308", my next rifle

That heavy "sniper" fill stock decision... I guess the biggest reason for that is that I really hate the hollow resonant sound the light(er) fill stocks make. After hauling around 16 and 17 pound rifles as the "normal" weight this one should be "light" at about 10 or 11 pounds.

Cost on that critter???? Don't know yet but certainly more that my wife would consider sane. I'm just makeing a SWAG here but with optics and trinkets I'd say it'd be sneaking up on the $4,000 range???
Re: A "Big Ol\' 308", my next rifle

Dave you need to find some one in law enforcement to get you a deal on model 24 everything you need a little less money and they shoot just great.
Re: A "Big Ol\' 308", my next rifle


I've got a nice M40A1 type and have had a few M24 clones, all good shooters, I NEED a 375 H&H real bad, just ro round out my experience(s).

I'm beginning to waffle on the "light" concept, thinking I wouldn't be happy unless the barrel was a 24" and .900 at the muzzle, just aint my type rifle. BTW, I plan on doing some long(er) range baboon shooting with this bad boy.

Here's one of the M24 types.


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