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    Jan 27, 2005
    Hello all -

    Working on a dummy round to send so the smith can cut my chamber.

    I have a Savage LA and plan to shoot the Berger 180's.

    I will be using standard Win brass in 7WSM.

    Please check my math on this:

    Brass (Win)

    OAL = 2.100
    Base to neck = 1.857
    Neck length = 0.243

    Bullet (180 Berger)

    OAL = 1.525
    base to bearing surface = 0.220
    bearing surface length = 0.541
    ogive to tip length = 0.764

    To use all of the neck on the bearing surface:

    shortest COAL = 2.621 (would not want to do this)

    longest COAL = 3.162

    I was thinking of going 3.000 COAL. This would leave room to move the bullet in and out a little bit.

    Please let me know if I am on track of missing something.