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  • My reamer has .011 freebore. I am seating them against the lands...I think the OAL was close to 3.71" if I remember correctly. It shot 1/2 moa or better and I ran the 168's at 3340 out of a 28" barrel with H1000. I ran them faster, but cases only lasted a couple of loadings. The barrel lasted just over 1000rds, but in all honesty, I was pushing it pretty hard at times.

    I was reading your thread form a cpl of years ago about using a 168 vld in a 7mm stw. I am just about to order a reamer and wanted to get as much info before hand. What kind of freebore did Kiff wind up giving you? Are you seating into the lands and what is the overall length? And, how does it shoot and how fast?

    Thanks for any info that you can share.

    Gary Hughey
    Chattanooga, TN
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