7MM STW bullet choice ?

For lighter deer most anything will work. For heavier animals I'd look at a Nosler Partition. If your gun likes the Accubond I'd use that as well.

Had a VERY bad experience with Hornady bullets on elk once. Maybe it's me, but burn me once shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me.

Mark in Utah
For impact vel. over 2800fps, Barnes X or Failsafes.

For 2000 to 2800fps, SST or Nosler BT

For 1500 to 2500fps, Amax, Matchking.

Just match the bullet to the impact vel and you will ensure good ongame performance. The 162/168gr bullets are going to be the best LR bullets overall.

Im using the 130 mk in my stw for the first time this year. Very accurate with the 7828. Also read of a few people that liked the barnes 120gr in the stw. My farthest shot would be 400 yrds.
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