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  • My wife has a model 70 Featherweight, 7mm WSM, that shoots great, with moderate recoil. It's been shortened and has a trap style recoil pad, handles like dream, and shoots the first round, on a clean barrel, to the same point of impact as the second, third and so forth. I take it on "pack in trips, as it is light and gets the job done. I took a herd bull with it some years back, so it's got plenty of steam behind it.
    You can't go wrong with the Barnes TSX BT in your 300 Weatherby. I have a custom 1:12 twist Lilja barrel on mine. It loves the 168's and the 150 TTSX's. It shoots the Bergers' up to 185 well, But I like the performance of the Barnes on big game.

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