7mm Allen Mag - whitetail deer


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Jan 18, 2008
Dixie, WV
Just adding another pic to the APS photobook.
I took this buck the last week of our WV rifle seaon. Took him @789 yards. It seemed like it took two weeks to get him out. .... am I still dragging? I think I will find differnt place to hunt. Or make friends with some that owns a helicopter

http://i634.photobucket.com/albums/uu68/vintec/2009 WV IN hunting/100_0852.jpg
A place where you can shoot a whitetail like that at 789yds....I wouldnt give it up. I here ya on the chopper idea tho,I hunt the breaks of the Snake River in Oregon where EVERY pack is a big chore.But since my pockets arent as deep as the canyons I hunt Ill have to do it the old fashioned way. Congrats! Nice buck.
Vintec, besides, you're healthy and young enough to be doing this many times a year for a long time. :D

Now, an old guy like me would be looking for healthy and strong people like you to help fetch them out! :D
Not quite ready to abondon the loction yet. I d be happy to bring you along. Cant promiss a good buck.

I may be looking you up to help me drag one out in NV. I have buddy that moved to Elko a few years ago wants me to come out there after mulies. Do you know anyone with a helicopter??? LOL

If you would have asked me when we got him back to the truck I would have said 2-3 tons maybe more. LOL
I didnt wiegh him but I belive he dressed 150-165lbs. It was one of the biggest I have killed in few years. Deer of this size are very rare in WV. I did get lucky a few years ago and take 168" buck with a bow that dressed 203lbs. It wasnt as bad of a drag. I could get a winch line to him.

Although a few years ago, at 203 pounds dressed I'll bet your still eating on that one.:) That is truly respectable in your neck of the woods or anywhere in the NE. and with a bow. Neat.
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